Lucy Mattos | Biography

National Professor of Fine Arts.

Since 1970 she has taken part in national and international exhibitions and since 2000 she has worked in her studio but she didn’t exhibit her work.

Museums from Argentina, Brazil, México, Panamá, United States and Germany hold some of her work; as well as private art collectors from the United States, Panamá, México, Spain, French, Italy, Germany, Israel, Japan and Sur Korea.

Her works involve from monumental sculptures to artistic jewelry.

She is a passionate researcher who has travelled for studies in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.

She expresses her images with curves, concavities and lines which turn in live testimony of refinement and internal richness.

She uses different materials like bronze, silver, wood, white metal, acrylics, stones, alabaster, polyester resin and natural fibers.